On this page | Information about our concrete repairs services. We provide concrete repair works in combination with other types of structural repairs to provide a comprehensive repairs service.
The header photo shows work on a Local Authority Car Park that combined abseil access survey, concrete repair, Helifix system repair and specialist access.
Concrete Repair
Allied to our Masonry Repair and Stabilisation works, we provide a comprehensive Concrete Repair Service using a range of products including those from Fosroc UK.

We often carry out Concrete repair works in conjunction with masonry repairs as in the example on this page.

Cathodic Protection
We also provide the installation of Cathodic Protection of Steel Reinforcement for the protection of reinforced concrete structures.

The system is equally applicable to protection of iron balcony railings and other traditional iron detailing.

The Fosroc Galvashield range uses sacrificial zinc anodes to provide galvanic protection to the steel, significantly extending the life expectancy of a structure subject to corrosion.

We use these products in conjunction with the appropriate Repair Mortars.


Abseil Access survey of concrete frame on a Multi-Storey Car Park
Part of a combined concrete and brick repair featured on the Helifix web site.
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