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This page gives you more information about the Helifix and HeliBeam Structural Repair Systems.
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What is HeliBar
HeliBar is at the core of the HeliFix Structural Repair Systems and is a twisted stainless steel ‘wire’ that is inserted into brickwork or masonry to tie the structure back together.

HeliBar is available in 4.5mm, 6mm or 8mm diameter - but 6mm is the most commonly used size. The bar is manufactured from a high grade stainless steel that has been shaped to have very hard fins with a malleable core.

This is what the bar looks like close up.
A photo of a piece of Helibar
A photo of a piece of Helibar
HeliBar, in it’s various forms, can be used to tie walls together, connect walls to timber floors and pin individual pieces of masonry back in place.

The system works in conjunction with high strength cement based grout (or sometimes with resin) and the bar has the strength to be driven directly via pilot holes into brickwork and stonework (subject to test drilling).
What is the HeliBeam System
In addition to the various methods of installing the HeliBar to re-connect the structure, the stainless steel bars can be inserted horizontally into brickwork or masonry walls to effectively form the top and bottom elements of an in-situ masonry beam (as in the bay window example in this panel).

This brickwork or masonry beam then has the ability to span around 3 metres, eg. to form lintels over openings, bridge soft spots in the ground or to bridge between piled foundations

This is the installation technique known as the HeliBeam System.

The HeliBeam System is shown on the house illustration, item 9, “Creating Masonry Beams” on our Helifix Brochure (pdf download).
Brickwork to a bay window being stabilised by installation of HeliBar
Helibars will be installed into bed joints to reinforce and tie back the bay structure. Other components will secure the failing brick arch.
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Helifix and HeliBeam Approved Installers
TRAC Structural Ltd are specialist contractors and are certified Helifix Approved Installers of the HeliBeam System.

As Approved Installers we will
  • Carry out a site inspection and establish the reason for the structural movement.
  • Prepare a design solution which we will submit to Helifix for approval.
  • Submit a quotation for the cost of the works to you.
  • We will receive back from Helifix a formal approval of our design proposal with confirmation that the design has been approved for inclusion in the Helifix design insurance scheme. This will provide you with a 10 year insurance backed warranty as noted below.
  • Subject to your order, we will then complete the works and advise Helifix when the job is finished.
  • On receipt of your payment in full for the works, we will notify Helifix and the warranty certificate will be issued to you. This certificate is transferable to any subsequent owner.
We are based in Bristol and travel extensively throughout the UK. Don’t hesitate to ask if we can help you.

Our Contact Information is at the bottom of this page
TRAC Structural Ltd - Helifix Approved Installers


Helifix Technical Info and Illustrations
Descriptions of some completed repairs are linked from our Projects Index page.

Photos of Helifix installations are linked from our Photos Index page.

Technical information, with extensive links to the Helifix web site, is linked from our Technical Info page.

The repair system is described on our Helifix Brochure (pdf download)
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