Helifix and HeliBeam
Examples of Helifix and HeliBeam system applications
Helifix 01.jpg

Stabilise Bay Window

Helifix 02.jpg

Cladding Tied back on 3 Tower Blocks

Helifix 03.jpg

Stabilise Church Tower

Helifix 04.jpg

HeliBeam and Piling Solution

Helifix 05.jpg

Fireplace Repaired in Listed Building

Helifix 06.jpg

Helifix and Ground Anchors to Bridge

Helifix 07.jpg

Quoin Stones Tied Back

Helifix 08.jpg

Stone Lintol Secured In-situ

Helifix 09.jpg

Helifix Repair to Retaining Wall

Helifix 10.jpg

Helifix Stabilisation to Shaldon Bridge

Helifix 11.jpg

HeliBeam and Ground Anchors

Helifix 12.jpg

Gable Wall Stabilised

Helifix 13.jpg

Repairs to Gloucester Cathedral

Helifix 14.jpg

Headwall Stabilised on Severn Estuary

Helifix 15.jpg

Bay Windows Tied on Listed Building